Titan 3000XD
     Metal Detectors
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    The Titan brand of metal detectors having a good solid reputation. They are durable and reliable. They are great for finding jewelry, coins, metals and other treasures buried in the ground. Titan has many models to choose from, but the Titan 3000Xd is one of the best detectors.

It has a touch pad with the controls instead of the button pads you see. It has 5 different types of operations, it has the super deep, the all metal mode that will detect any type of metal in the ground, the pin point mode that gives you an exact reading of where your buried treasure is located.

It has a discrimination mode along with what is called depth reading, this tells you how deep down something the instrument has detected something and lastly it has an ITD and Notch mode. There is a power switch that allows you to conserve the power. It also has 6 levels of sensitivity controls. This will let you set the detector at it going off when it finds a hint of metal or when it has some thing more substantial.

It has an 8? waterproof face, this detector doubles as an underwater detector as well. There is a low battery warning light that has 4 different levels, showing you the amount of power you have left. It has a coin depth monitor that can detect a coin anywhere from the surface to about 10? below ground.

The Titan 3000XD is lightweight and very strong allow hours of use hunting for metals and other buried treasures. The Titan are a little costly, but if you are looking for something that is worth every penny, invest in the Titan 3000XD.
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